3.04 - you arrived at your answer. MPC = Consumption /...

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Once you have finished practicing calculating MPC, MPS, and the multipliers, complete the problems below. Submit your answers in the student comments area of assignment 3.04 or attach them as a file. Assume that Carl and Wanda each make $5,000. Each was given a raise of $1,000. Carl’s spending increased from $4,000 to $4,750. Wanda’s savings increased from $500 to $600. Carl lives in the Macro Islands. What is Carl’s MPC? (Show the math) MPC = Δ Consumption / Δ Income MPC= (4750-4000)/(1000)=.75 Wanda lives in the Micro Islands. What is Wanda’s MPS? (Show the math) MPS = Δ Savings/ Δ Disposable Income MPS=(600-500)/(1000)=.1 2. When businesses in the Macro Islands increased investment by $20 million to attract tourists, GDP increased by $50 million. What is the MPC in the Macro Islands? Explain how
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Unformatted text preview: you arrived at your answer. MPC = Consumption / Income 20,000,000/50,000,000=.4 The businessmen "consumed" 20 million dollars in investments and received 50 million dollars in return as their "income" 3. Assume taxes increase by $200 and government spending increases by $200. The marginal propensity to consume is 0.75. Explain how GDP is impacted as a result. (Your answer must include the amount of change in GDP, and you must show how you arrived at your answer.) Tax multiplier=MPC/MPS=.75/.25=3 Expenditure multiplier= 1/1-.75=4 3 x $200 4 x $200-800+600=$200 decrease in GDP 4. Calculate the marginal propensity to consume when a decrease in investment of $10 billion causes RGDP to decrease by $50 billion. MPC= delta $10 billion/ delta $50 billion=.2...
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3.04 - you arrived at your answer. MPC = Consumption /...

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