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Commander in Chief Party leader Personnel Recruiter Domestic Crisis Manager Treaty Negotiator Example 1: George W. Bush acted as the commander of chief of the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom), which started on March 20 th , 2003. Obama still continues as the commander-in- chief today. Example 1: In 1969, President Nix on appointed Clifford Hardin as the secretary of agriculture in order to expand food stamp programs and nutritional services for the poor Example 1: Ronald Reagan appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court, when he nominated Sandra Day O’Connor in 1981. She was confirmed by the Senate and served until her retirement during the 2005-06 court term. Example 1: When the Columbine High School Massacre occurred in 1999, Clinton made a speech to the nation that the U.S. Would enforce stricter gun control policies in order to prevent this event from occurring again. Example 1: Ford signed the Paris Peace Accords, which stopped U.S. Involvement in
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