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Punishment Research Paper - PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 1...

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PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 1 Punishment Research Paper Nicole Ureste SOC/120 February 6, 2011 Rob Fralick
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PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 2 Four justifications for punishment are retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and societal protection. Retribution is the oldest justification for punishment and is based on the Biblical saying, “an eye for an eye”. Retribution is the act of making the offender suffer as much as the suffering that was caused by the crime itself. Deterrence is the idea that as rational creatures we will not break the law or commit a crime if we know that the pain from the punishment is worse than the pleasure we felt when committing the crime. Rehabilitation is a type of program that teaches criminals or offenders how to live life normally again, or in some cases for the first time. It usually takes place in a controlled environment where people who have learned to be deviant can be taught how to obey rules or laws. Societal protection is taking away ones chances of committing another crime by confinement in a prison or jail, or sometimes by execution (Macionis, 2006, p. 182-183). When it comes to the topic of which punishment deters crime most effectively I am slightly torn. I believe that different types of punishments work for different types of people and they also depend on the type of crime that has been committed. A few years back I decided to get into some trouble and all it took for me to straighten up was to be in jail for 22 days away from my
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Punishment Research Paper - PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 1...

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