Week 5;CheckPoint;Motivating Employees

Week 5;CheckPoint;Motivating Employees - Motivating...

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Motivating Employees 1 Motivating Employees Nicole Ureste April 9, 2011 BEH/265 Anita Mamoran
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Motivating Employees 2 If I was the employee, I believe that I could be motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. I would be motivated by intrinsic motivation, to do a job if it was something that I sincerely enjoyed doing because when you enjoy the work that you are doing it makes work easier. It also helps to make the day go by faster and makes life away from work more enjoyable. It is hard to relax away from work knowing that you have to go back to doing something that you really do not enjoy the next day. I could also be motivated by extrinsic motivation because there is a reward in working hard. The reward may be a raise, promotion, or even the trust from your company to give you more responsibility. Another type of extrinsic motivation would be to do your work in order to avoid getting a demotion or possibly fired. If I was the manager, the type of motivation that I would use would depend on the employee
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Week 5;CheckPoint;Motivating Employees - Motivating...

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