Skinner Article - negative behavior would be repeated if...

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Skinner Article 1 Skinner Article Nicole Ureste April 1, 2011 BEH/225 Anita Mamoran
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Skinner Article 2 Operant conditioning is the behavior of operating in a way that ends with a desired outcome or in a way to avoid an undesired outcome (Morris & Maisto, 2002, p. 193). B.F. Skinner designed a box called the Skinner Box that was a small, bare box containing nothing inside but a bar and a cup underneath it. The box was designed so that rats would learn that when they went near the bar, and then eventually pressed the bar, food would Punishment is another way to control behavior however, because punishment adds something negative to the environment, it weakens behavior instead of strengthening it (Morris & Maisto, 2002, p. 195). Skinner believed that punishment did not teach a desirable behavior, but that it only suppressed bad behavior. He also believed that the
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Unformatted text preview: negative behavior would be repeated if the punisher or punishment was removed (Morris & Maisto, 2002, p. 196). Reinforcement, both positive and negative, teaches new behaviors or strengthens the existing behavior. Positive and negative reinforcers can teach subjects to obtain something positive such as food, or do something to escape something negative (Morris & Maisto, 2002, p. 194). Superstitious behavior happens when we do something and it is followed by a reinforcer, positive or negative. Skinner learned this by placing a pigeon in a cage and dropping food into the food hopper randomly. He noticed that when the pigeon would run out of food, he would begin to do what ever it was that he was doing prior to Skinner dropping the food into the hopper (Morris & Maisto, 2002, p. 198)....
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Skinner Article - negative behavior would be repeated if...

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