Week 6;Assignment;Motivation Evaluation

Week 6;Assignment;Motivation Evaluation - Motivation...

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Motivation Evaluation 1 Motivation Evaluation Nicole Ureste September 13, 2010 PSY/230 Michelle Pestlin
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Motivation Evaluation 2 The person that I have chosen to write about is Tupac Shakur. Raised by a single mother in Marin, California, Tupac was a very talented and goal oriented individual. He could not stand to see women treated badly and spoke of this often. He wrote poetry and loved to perform in the theater. As he grew older and took in all of life’s experiences he began rapping. Most of his music was aimed at women and spoke of young girls growing up too fast. He also wrote about women staying positive despite what they may be going through in life and made a song for his mother thanking her for everything she did for him. He was very outspoken and did not hold anything back. He began having problems with the police over controversy with other rappers. He ended up in jail and the only way for him to get out was to sign a contract with Death Row Records. The choice that he made to join this record label did make a lot of money, but most of the money went to the
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Week 6;Assignment;Motivation Evaluation - Motivation...

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