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Axia College Material Appendix E Fueling Up Motorists often complain about rising gas prices. Some motorists purchase fuel-efficient vehicles and participate in trip reduction plans, such as carpooling and using alternative transportation. Other drivers try to drive only when necessary. Application Practice Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. 1. Imagine you are at a gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C ( g ) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation ) ( 03 . 3 ) ( g g C = a. What does the number 3.03 represent? The amount the gas is per gallon. b. Find C (2). 3.03 * 2 = 6.06 (2, 6.06) c. Find C (9). 3.03 * 9 = 27.27 (9, 27.27) d. For the average motorist, name one value for g that would be inappropriate for this function’s purpose. Explain why you chose that number.
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  • Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Consumer price index, Gasoline, Filling station, regular unleaded gasoline

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