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Week 9;Capstone CheckPoint

Week 9;Capstone CheckPoint - about the situation and so on...

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In my opinion, the most important thing that a supervisor can do to improve the productivity and effectiveness of an organization is to maintain good, open communication between everyone in the organization. I believe that communication is very important for individuals to work together harmoniously. When you have employees who feel comfortable speaking with you about anything you will never have to worry about them not coming to you and expressing any problems or concerns. If you have employees who feel as if they cannot openly communicate with you, they may choose to speak with a co-worker about the situation who will then speak to another co-worker
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Unformatted text preview: about the situation and so on. By the time the problem is finally reported to you it may be blown way out of proportion and you may not get all of the details. I also believe that employees are just happier at work when they know that they are able to communicate with their supervisors as well as with other co-workers. In my opinion it is also important that employees feel comfortable and confident speaking with each other. This helps to avoid having to go to the supervisor over small concerns or problems that can easily be solved by them talking to each other and fixing the problem....
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