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HBR: “Introducing New Coke Case”: Discussion Questions: Directions: You are to write a 4-5 page report on the HBR Coke Case. The report consists of 10 questions. Each question is worth 10 points. Questions: 1. What is the case about? Write a ½ page summary of the case. 2. What is Coca-Cola? In terms of Ted Levitt’s famous question, “what business is it in”? 3. What was Coca-Cola’s brand building strategy? Where did Coke’s meanings come from? How did Coke’s meanings make a connection to consumers? 4. What was Pepsi’s meaning management game? Was it really a threat to Coke? How should Coke have responded to Pepsi’s meaning making advances? 5. What do you make of Keough’s marketing insights (p. 8-10) and Goizueta’s famous speech as chairman (p. 9)? What were their core assumptions, their mandates? 6. Hindsight is indeed 20/20, but putting this bias aside, what major
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