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Multiple Intelligence Jennifer Bryan University of Phoenix
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My Primary Intelligence Verbal-Linguistic Ability to communicate through language (listening, reading, writing, speaking) 3rd Party Web Sites 1) http://www.mypersonality.info/multiple-intelligences/verbal-linguistic/ 2) http://www.angelfire.com/mi3/verbal/index.html 3) http://www.wilywalnut.com/linguistic_intelligence/linguistic_intelligence.htm My Description Linguistic Intelligence allows me to communicate to a broad group of people on their level through my writings, oral presentations, or visual communications. I am able to convey a message or share a topic with a diverse group. Summary of Article 1 The first article like the 3rd listed everyday common examples of the use of this intelligence. What I liked about this site was it presented also common jobs and careers that people of this personality type engage in. The definition and description was simple to understand and easy to relate to for myself. I enjoy reading, writing and learning languages. I also have an ability to teach and explain things to others.
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