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What if Jennifer Bryan University of Phoenix
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Abstract I establish my priorities by doing them before they are due or need to be done. My husband makes up my support group. He helps me out a lot with my homework and studying when I need it. My backup plan for when my computer goes down is to go to the school and use the computer lab that I have available to me. I can use those computers whenever I need to or I can even go to my mother-in-laws house and borrow her computer if needed. The way I keep track of all my assignments and due dates is one I have a flash drive that has all my homework on it, two I have printed out all the required documents (reading, calendar, syllabus, and homework). I have a folder that has all my homework that is required for all my classes so that way there if I cannot access my computer or the internet I can always go over what I need to do for the week. I try to spend a lot my time doing homework but sometimes it is a little harder for me to succeed in doing because I do work graveyards and so that is another reason why I have all my work printed
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Unformatted text preview: out so that way there when I am at work I can go over my work and if I have any questions I can write them down or even highlight what I have a question on. To me saving them on my flash drive works out easier because if I have to use someone else’s computer I don’t have to worry about downloading anything onto that computer and have the problem of losing it later. If it is saved onto my flash drive I can have access to it anytime that I need to have it. Another great thing about the flash drive is if I need to print out some homework or something I can just take my flash drive to any place that I can print things out at. Know if my computer was to ever crash or something bad was to happen to my computer, I have already thought of ways to access my school work. Like I said I can either go to the computer lab at school, my mother-in-laws house, or I can even go to the library to where I can study as well as have access to a computer....
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Jennifer_Bryan_What if - out so that way there when I am at...

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