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genetics assign1 - Nichole Newcome Assignment 1 genetics...

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Nichole Newcome Assignment 1 genetics DNA Computers In 1994 a California computer scientist named Leonard Adleman discovered that DNA is much like a computer hard drive. Aldeman had his DNA computer solve a math problem called the directed Hamilton Path problem. The DNA computer uses its genetic coding to find a possible flight path. Within a few seconds the DNA solved the problem but it then requires some chemical reactions to eliminate the wrong paths. The DNA computer is not like a regular PC it is still in test tube form and requires human assistance. The goal of the DNA computer would be to create a DNA computer that could perform the necessary chemical reactions without human assistance. Three years after Adlemans DNA computer, researchers at the University of Rochester developed a DNA computer that is similar to the electronic PC. It uses logic gates to interpret input signals into output signals that allow the computer to perform. But with this computer, instead of electrical signals, it relies
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