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Same sex marriage outline - 1 The primary argument against...

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SAME SEX MARRIAGE I. Homosexual couples should be able to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. A. Homosexual couples should be seen as the same in the eyes of the government. 1. Same sex couples should be allowed to marry who they love. 2. Same Sex couples should be allowed to receive benefits as any other couples. B. Individual states have chosen to allow same-sex marriages, 1. The 10th amendment gives certain powers to the states. 2. The federal government should uphold state decisions. C. The general population supports same-sex unions. 1. Same-sex marriage has been a topic of discussion in almost every state. 2. A majority of the population believes that homosexual couples should be allowed to marry. II. Despite the fact that some fundamentalist groups hold a traditional viewpoint of marriage, the changing face of society should equate to a changing definition of marriage. A. Traditionally, marriage has been defined as a union between a man and woman.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The primary argument against same sex marriage is biblical. 2. These are generally the same groups that do not support any homosexual activity. B. Religious groups have evolved with changing social climate in the past, they should do so now. 1. After nearly 2000 years, the Catholic Church recognizes divorce. 2. Social norms have changed and therefore, it is foreseeable that this may become more acceptable. III. Denying marriage to same-sex couples can lead to unnecessary social suffering. A. Many states do not allow homosexual couples to adopt children. 1. Adopting as a single parent is often very difficult. 2. Custody issues arise if the couple separates. B. Domestic partners are not protected in the case of a partner's sudden death. 1. Same-sex couples do not have rights of survivorship. 2. Widowed partners may experience unforeseen difficulties from family members....
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Same sex marriage outline - 1 The primary argument against...

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