Wall Street Journal 2 by Ruolin Zhang

Wall Street Journal 2 by Ruolin Zhang - inches, and plans...

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Zhang1 Ruolin Zhang Terribeth Gordon BUAD 1020 June 23, 2010 Summary for Nintendo Takes On 3-D Challenge Nintendo Company pushed out Nintendo 3DS at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Nintendo 3DS is the product which doesn’t require special glasses. How to let person watch TV without special glasses is the big problem for the television makers. Nintendo Company use the Nintendo 3DS to show the new technology, and solve the problem. Most 3D technology let the person look different pictures with left eye and right eye independently. People use special glasses for the 3D screen. Nintendo Company uses the auto stereoscopic 3-D solves the problem. One challenge is that the images generated by such displays can appear blurry when people in different position. Because TV is viewed by more than one people and have long distance. It’s hard use auto stereoscopic 3-D, but it’s easy to use for game. NEC Corp. says it has developed auto stereoscopic displays in sizes up to 12.1
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Unformatted text preview: inches, and plans to start selling the screens to other manufactures this year (Nintendo Takes On 3-D Challenge). This kind Nintendo 3DS will have two screens, one of which is a 3.5-inch, 3-D display. This system uses a slide bar to change the depth, and make it possible to play 3-D and 2-D games. Zhang2 Nintendo Company has many new techniques successful cases, such as the motion-sensing controls of its Wii that people are interesting about the new Nintendo 3DS. Sonys video game head, Kaz Hirai, agree Nintendo use 3-D technology for game, and they hope they can make it successful so that more and more customers can experience 3-D games and reform the game history. (WAKABAYASHI, Nintendo Takes On 3-D Challenge) Works Cited WAKABAYASHI, DAISUKE. Nintendo Takes On 3-D Challenge. 18 June 2010. 23 June 2010 <http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703650604575312692827377012. html?mod=WSJ_PersonalTechnology_LEFTTop>....
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Wall Street Journal 2 by Ruolin Zhang - inches, and plans...

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