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case study 9 - better decision. 2. Managers should use...

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1. A rational approach is using scientifically conducted studies to help managers improve their decision making. And intuition approach can make a faster decision. When the situation is risky or when it is uncertain, its better use both of these approaches. Experts have found that officers who use both data and feelings make better choices. Most organizational decision making allows time to gather information, generate alternative strategy, and discuss the merits of alternatives. Base on the information, using intuition can make a
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Unformatted text preview: better decision. 2. Managers should use their experience. Base on the experience, manager should also focus on most relevant facts, then use their intuition to decision to which product should be developed. 3. Manager should gather information, generate alternative strategies, and discuss the merits of alternatives. They also can make a market survey. Base on these, manager can decision which product should be developed....
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