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case study 12 - functional areas increasingly difficult I...

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1. Omidyar wanted a company that let individuals be both buyer and seller, avoiding Big Business altogether. He envisioned his site as more than an auction space. eBay was intended to create an online community, similar to a small town. 2. U-form, or functional, design is based on the functional approach to departmentalization. This approach shares the basic advantages and disadvantages of functional departmentalization. As an organization grows, the CEO finds staying on top of all
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Unformatted text preview: functional areas increasingly difficult. I think they will change their organization design to M-form design. 3. Yes, eBay must find a way to grow, while still maintaining that “smack-company” feel. eBay must also be sensitive to the needs of buyers, sellers, investors, and outside companies. Whiteman and other top managers should carefully consider when and how they will update the organization design, which has a great impact design....
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