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1. The effective communication could convey the information, inspire the workers, establish personal rapport and persuade customers. Audience's attention would easily wander after 18 minutes, so if speaker could minimize their messages without missing the main point that would be the intended messages. 2. I personally believe that oral communication likely to be more frequent for top managers than the written communication. First, oral communication presents to be more vivid, it is also a "shortcut" way which the managers could get the feedback immediately through the eye. However, the written communication seems like a order which is hard to get the feedback and also hard adjust instantly unless it comes out some issues. Second, oral communication is more passionate than the written communication. It seems understandable that managers sometimes likely to be a inspirational speaker who could bring the
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Unformatted text preview: passion and inspiration to their "audiences" (workers). In contrast to the oral communication, written communication tends to be more precise and documentary. 3. The potential advantages: Speaker would always be more passionate and inspirational and bring the information to their audience effectively and get the feedback quickly through the eye contact. Speech always to be more practice, verbal, brief and intelligible, which shows the high efficiency of the promotion. Disadvantages: When speakers who give the speech with reading their notes or without eye contact, it would not reach to its function efficiently. Besides, the oral speech is less scrupulous than the written communication since they do not use verbal words a lot....
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