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cases study 10

cases study 10 - excellent manager-Neeleman who leads the...

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1. The airline’s second-mover strategy, which imitates competitor Southwest, also provides advantages. The low-cost strategy and differentiation allow JetBlue to reduce expenses while charging prices above other discount carriers, increasing profits. The potential difficulty is insufficient capital. 2. I think the factors that lead to success for entrepreneurial firms are: a manager with experience, and an excellent group member. And have a stable business model. I think JetBlue has these factors. The company has an
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Unformatted text preview: excellent manager-Neeleman who leads the company from a small entrepreneurial startup into the big leagues of major airlines. 3. A common failing of many new businesses—insufficient capital. The company has a good manager, Neeleman has his personal fortune, which was considerable following the lucrative sale of Morris Air. Neeleman had many contacts from his previous venture from a seasoned, capable entrepreneur....
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