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Running head: CHECKPOINT: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT GOALS 1 Checkpoint: Financial Management Goals Nikki Vergets Fin/200 3/31/2011 John Simulcik
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CHECKPOINT: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT GOALS 2 Checkpoint: Financial Management Goals A very important part of a corporation is Financial Management, because they have to understand all the financial aspects of the business and, the different kinds of goals within the company and this is also very important. The financial management has to make three very important decisions. The first one being, investment decisions where to invest funds and how much to invest. Next, a financing decision from where to raise funds and in what amount is to be raised, and lastly, dividend how much to pay dividend and how much to retain for future expansion. In order to make these decisions the management must have a clear understanding of the objective that is required to be achieved. With these goals the main objective is to maximize the profit value of the firm’s shareholders, through achieving the highest possible value or profit for the firm. How are
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