BU204_02 _Barnes_Charity_ Unit7

BU204_02 _Barnes_Charity_ Unit7 - Unit 7 [BU204 |...

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Unit 7 [ BU204 | Macroeconomics ] Macroeconomics: Unit 7 BU204-02 By: Charity Barnes May 9, 2011 1
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Unit 7 [ BU204 | Macroeconomics ] There are many things that effect today’s declining economy; imports and exports, foreign exchange rates, and unemployment are three contributing factors in the economic decline. In a way, all three of these issues can be tied to each other. Importing and exporting goods requires people to work in factories to make the products in which to exchange and a deciding factor on where we import from and how much is decided greatly by the exchange rate. Throughout the last 40 years, imports into and exports out of the country have grown faster than the U.S. economy (Krugman, 2007). U.S. investors invest in companies in other countries and nations. The effect of this could be positive or negative; keeping money invested in the U.S. seems like it should be more important in a struggling economy (Krugman, 2007). Sherry Cooper, an economist at Nesbitt Burns (an investment firm), reported the overall goods and services trade and investment flows (exports) lowered from $17 billion in the second quarter to only $12 billion of the
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BU204_02 _Barnes_Charity_ Unit7 - Unit 7 [BU204 |...

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