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Quiz1AKey - Easy Out candy for $0.50 Determine your recipe...

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OSCM 230  Quiz 1A (Key) Name: Score: /10 points You have decided to enter the candy business. You are considering producing two types  of candies: Slugger candy and Easy Out candy, both of which consist solely of sugar,  nuts, and chocolate. At present you have in stock 10,000 ounces of sugar, 2000 ounces of nuts,  and 3000 ounces of chocolate (purchase cost is considered as sunk cost in  this case). The mixture used to make Slugger candy must contain at least 10% nuts  and 10% chocolate. The mixture used to make Easy Out candy must contain at least 20% nuts.  Each ounce of Slugger candy can be sold for $0.40, and each ounce of 
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Unformatted text preview: Easy Out candy for $0.50. Determine your recipe for making these two candies to maximize your revenue. Please answer the following questions: 1. (3pts)What are the decision variables? Sugar Nuts Chocolat e Slugger SS SN SC Easy Out ES EN EC XY=Ounces of ingredient Y to put in candy X, X=S, E, Y=S, N, C. 2. (0.5 pt)Formulate the objective function. Max. 0.4*(SS+SN+SC)+0.50*(ES+EN+EC) 3. (6.5 pts) Formulate the constraints. 1pt each constraint, 0.5 for non-negative constraint SS+ES<=10,000 SN+EN<=2,000 SC+EC<=3,000 SN>= 10%*(SS+SN+SC) SC>= 10%*(SS+SN+SC) EN>=20%*(ES+EN+EC) All variables>=0...
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