Quiz3AKey - Yi is binary = 0 do not use machine i (2pts...

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OSCM 230 Quiz 3A (Key) Name: Score:           /10 pts  The Westfall Company has a contract to produce  10,000  garden hoses for a large  discount chain. Westfall has four different machines that can produce this kind of hose.  Because these machines are from different manufacturers and use different technologies,  their specifications are not the same.  In addition, if machine 4 is used, then at least 1000 units need to be produced on that  machine. The company wants to  minimize the total cost  of fulfill the contract. Please formulate a  mixed integer linear programming problem  to decide which machine(s) to use and  how many garden hoses to produce on each machine if the machine is used. A. (4pts) Define decision variables (please give clear definition) Xi= # of hoses to produce using machine i, i=1,2,3,4  (2pts total for x variables)
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Unformatted text preview: Yi is binary = 0 do not use machine i (2pts total for y variables) = 1 use machine i B. (2pts) Objective function 1 Machine Fixed Cost to Set Up Variable Cost Per Hose Capacity (units) 1 $750 $1.25 6000 2 $500 $1.50 7500 3 $1000 $1.00 4000 4 $300 $2.00 5000 OSCM 230 Quiz 3A (Key) Min. 1.25x1+1.50x2+1x3+2x4+750y1+500y2+1000y3+300y4 C. (4pts) Constraints: x1+x2+x2+x4=10,000 (1pt) [>= is OK.] x1<=6000y1 x2<=7500y2 (2pts for those four constraints) x3<=4000y3 x4<= 5000y4 x4>= 1000 y4 (1 pt) yi= 0 or 1 (do not take points off if Yi is defined as binary in question A) xi>=0 (do not take points off for missing non-negative here) 2...
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Quiz3AKey - Yi is binary = 0 do not use machine i (2pts...

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