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Probability and Statistics for Engineering Spring 2011 Exam 3 Outline Chapter 6. Descriptive Statistics H. Stem-and-LeafDiagrams (6.2) I. Shape (Symmetric, Skewed Left, Skewed Right) (6.2) J. Outliers (6.4) ChaE[er 7. Estimation A. Point Estimation (7.1) B. Method of Maximum Likelihood (7.2) C. Unbiased Estimators (7.1) D. Mean and Variance of the Distribution of X 1Z.t; E. Linear Combinations of Normal Random Variables (7.3) F. Normality ofX when X is Normal (7.3) G. Central Limit Theorem (Normality of X when n is Large) (7.4) H. Confidence Interval for 7-r when X is Normal and o is Known (7.4) I. Choosing Sample Size for Confidence Interval for p (7.4) Chapter 8. Inferences on the Mean
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Unformatted text preview: and Vadance of a Distribution A. Student-t Distribution (8.2) B. Confidence lntervalfor p, when X is Normal and a is Unknown (S.2) C. Confidence Interval for p when n is Large and o is Unknor,rm (8.2) D. Mean of the Distribution of 52 (7.1) E. 12 Distribution (8.1) F. Confidence lnterval for o2 and for o when X is Normal (8.1) G. Hypothesis/ Significance Testing for pr when X is Normal and o is Known (8.3, 8.4) H. Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis (8.3, 8.4) I. Right-tailed, Left-tailed, and Two-tailed Tests (8.3, 8.4) J. P Value (8.3, 8.4) K. Significance Level a (8.3, 8.4) L. Type I Error and Type II Enor (8.3, 8.4) M. Power (8.3,8.4)...
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