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Probability and Statistics for Engineering Homework 9 Spring 2011 (due Tuesday, April 19) Donald is diabetic, and he knows that an important aspect of managing this disease is monitoring his fasting blood glucose level (the amount of glucose in his blood measured before eating in the morning). In the past, his fasting blood glucose level has been normally distributed with a mean of .5 œ "#! œ "& and a standard deviation of . Donald feels confident that the level is still normally distributed, but he is concerned that the mean may have increased, and he also suspects that the standard devation may have decreased. In order to answer these questions, he randomly selects 8œ"# days over a period of time and measures his fasting blood glucose level for that day. Here are the results (in milligrams per deciliter). ""! "## "$' "#& ""' ""* "$( "#$ "$) "%% "$' "## (1) Find the values of and . Round each to four decimal places. B= (2) Perform a hypothesis test to see if the mean of Donald's fasting blood glucose level has
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