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Unformatted text preview: ESE 351 Quiz 7 Name: 9/23/2010 Sections 4.64.8 a. In solving a differential equation with an impulse on the right-hand side, you need to translate the initial conditions at time t = 0- to initial conditions at another time t. When is this time t? b. Consider a bank as a system in which the amount u(k) of net charges you made to your credit card account on month k is the input and the balance y(k) of your credit card account at the end of month k is the output. Explain in English the impulse response h(k) of the system. c. Find 1(0+). d. What initial conditions does the impulse response assume? e. For a mechanical system with applied force as the input, a punch of unit momentum at time, t = 0, to a mass M can be interpreted as a unit impulse input (t). We now take the velocity of the mass as the output. Suppose that the mass was standing still (its velocity was zero: v(0-)) before the application of the punch. After the application of the punch, what will happen to the velocity? Will the velocity jump to another value: v(0+) = v(0-)? ...
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