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Carver Essay Review - Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Kendra...

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Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Kendra Ralstin English 101 10:00AM 18 April, 2010 Carver Essay Review Raymond Carver's Essay, “My Father's Life” was very meaningful. He engages his readers by using the universal method of writing. He relates to everyone because we all realize that our parents will die or have already passed away. Humans can identify with these emotions and relate to his essay. I personally relate to many of his points of engagement. Here are a few examples of how he describes something in terms of engaging the senses. On page 58, 1 st paragraph it states. “ Much later she referred to that time he was in the hospital, and those years just afterward, as “when Raymond was sick.”. The word sick was never the same for me again.” I can imagine how the sadness of his father's condition would return every time he heard someone mention the word “sick”. On page 59, 2 nd paragraph Carver describes his favorite photograph of his father. “I put it up on my wall, and each time we moved, I took the picture along and put it up on another wall. I looked at it carefully from time to time, trying to figure out some things about my dad, and maybe myself in the process. But I couldn't.” This sentence combination shows how he is using his sight to figure things out, as though looking at the picture will some how give him clarity and understanding. On page 60, 3 rd paragraph, it reads, “ I held my wife and wept while she said and did what she could do to comfort me there in the middle of that summer afternoon.” This sentence explains how warm it was that day without talking about the weather in specific. Earlier in the essay he tells that he choose the name “October” for his poem because although his dad died in June, it didn't feel like a warm day at
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Carver Essay Review - Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Kendra...

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