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Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Kendra Ralstin English 101 10:00AM May 27, 2010 Questions for Annie Dillard Essay 1. Part II Who was Annie referring to when she said, “He was a platinum print, a dead artist's version of my life. I saw on his skull the darkness of night mixed with the colors of day.”? 2. Part III What was Annie talking about when she said “It materialized out of thin air-black,
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Unformatted text preview: and flat, and sliding, outlined in flame.”? 3. Part IV Where was Annie when she realized that she had screamed on the hill? 4. Part I Why did Annie and her husband drive five hours inland from the Washington coast? 5. Part IV How did the college student describe the eclipse while he was in the restaurant? 6. Part I When did Annie analyze the clown picture?...
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