Group Project-Fallacies in Logic

Group Project-Fallacies in Logic - Group S. Erickson, K....

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Group S. Erickson, K. Porter, E. Siers 1 Group Project: Sarah Erickson, Karl Porter, Eric Siers Beth Stevens English 103 5:00PM July 26, 2010 Group Project-Fallacies in Logic Find passages from the quarter's readings that exemplify three of the fallacies in logic found in your book; you may choose each fallacy from a different reading, or you may find all three in one reading. Kramer 1. List the fallacy title along with a brief explanation of what you understand it to mean. Ad Verecundiam or 11. “We don't have to accept your claim just because X says so!” This happens when the author uses an unrelated or irrelevant source because they are well known. The purpose of using authorities to support our claim is to psychologically prey on the deference that readers feel about power and prestige which works well when the authority is relevant, trusted and respected. The fallacy occurs when the authority's specialization has no relevancy to the author's claim (Williams 283). 2. Provide the essay, author, and line of argument where you find that fallacy. “Divorce and Our National Values” by Peter D. Kramer introduces Thoreau, an author and Emerson, Thoreau's favorite preacher in the argument and uses them as authorities. They are not sociologists, nor are they relevant to the claim because although they may be experts in their respective subjects, Kramer's article is about modern relationships and divorce rates. They are irrelevant in this context and therefore discredited by the readers. (Kramer) 3 . Explain briefly how this gap or error in the author's argument impacted you when you read it.
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Group Project-Fallacies in Logic - Group S. Erickson, K....

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