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1. Malvolio was by far the most objectionable character in the “Alligator River Story” because he committed a crime. It was not rape because Geraldine obliged however, his offense is sexual harassment with blackmail charges and threatening her life. Making someone feel frightened as Geraldine did with a simple “look in his eyes” is the definition of harassment. (off the subject but I think it is interesting that the Spanish word for bad is “mal” and the name Malvolio is the worst offender in the story :-) 2. Spike would be the second most objectionable character because he also committed a crime. Assault and battery as well as having his moral character questioned. He felt no remorse and assumed he was doing justice for Geraldine when in fact there are laws for a reason. He had no right “stepping in” to their issues. It would seem that his heart was in the right place feeling compassion for Geraldine but he should not have committed violence for her. 3.
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