Chapter 3 Page 78 Linguistic Convergence & Divergence

Chapter 3 Page 78 Linguistic Convergence &...

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Go to your textbook on page 78 read the article titled "Linguistic Convergence and Divergence" first give your reaction. Next provide one example of convergence and one example divergence language that you have used when communicating with others. (15 points) Due: July 8 Thursday by midnight!!! (Reply to three people 5 points for each reply.) Due: July 9 Friday by midnight!!! All replies must be 100 words. After reading the article I realize how common linguistic convergence and divergence are in our everyday lives. We all do it in one form or another when we deal with different groups of people, work, school, family and friends and also during different ages. As an Astrologer I am aware of these different ways of communicating on a daily basis. I speak non-astrology to my clients but it is similar to the article's example of speaking doctor or speaking in terms that are understandable to the non-doctor. There are several terms that are used in astrology that would not make sense to the non-astrologer. There is something that occurs in the astronomical
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