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Reaction: The title of the article was actually kind of funny to me. Not because I condone breaking up via typed words, it is funny to me because it is true! People do this all the time these days. Gone are the days of having to sit through a pathetic attempt at an apology from someone who doesn't want you until you are leaving, and gone are the days of seeing someone's heart you care about break when you tell them the bad news. No more beating around the bush waiting for the right thing to say at the right time that never comes! Since it is so easy to relay a message via text or email it does not surprise me that so many are doing it. I have had it done to me and I admit having done it to someone as well. It really should morally be situational. Not a primary out because you are a sissy about it, kinda like the
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Unformatted text preview: 72 hour pill, it's not a solution but it's there just in case. Advantage: Technology's benefit is to avoid all of the ugly emotional situations we dread. Also because you can say exactly what you mean when you email because you have time to explain it more clearly. Disadvantage: However, when you have a face-to-face or even a phone call break up, people usually end things on an amiable note. With techno break ups the relationship ends with the message receiver feeling bitterness, resentment, and insecurity derived from a lack of self-worth because their lover didn't feel that they were worthy of a proper, respectful conversation....
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