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Comm101_NonverbalCommFieldAssgn[1] - Sarah Erickson...

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Sarah Erickson Madeline Hyatt Professor Dosanjh Kathryn Janker Communications 101 Micki Ross Summer 2010 Nonverbal Communication Fieldwork Assignment Madaline: Location : Shari’s Restaurant Group 1 Subjects : female (mother) in her mid 30s, male (father) in his late 30s, two children; a boy about 5 years old and an infant girl under the age of one. Clothing : The female was wearing a green and white shirt with jeans, the male was wearing a brown UPS uniform, the little boy was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans, and the little girl was wearing a green outfit with flowers on the sleeves. Description of relationship : Husband and wife with their two young children. Setting : Booth of Shari’s Restaurant. The mother and father sat across from each other creating face to face contact. The son sat on the inside of the booth between his father and the window. The infant girl was placed in a highchair at the end of the table closer to the mother’s side than the father’s side. The appearance and setting are very casual.
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Sarah: As we sit down at our table Kathryn makes eye contact with the mom, thinking that the mom looks quite a bit like Chellie in our class. The mom says “hi” and Kathryn replies “hi.” Kathryn keeps thinking and explaining that if the lady is Chellie, she is going to know what we’re up to. But the rest of the team convinces Kathryn that in fact it is not Chellie. The casual scenario made it appear as though the family was talking about day to day routines and occurrences and our entire group agreed. At first, the mother seemed to be a little frustrated. Her posture clued us in because she was leaning to the left on her side of the booth toward the window. Her slouchy posture looked uncomfortable. She was sitting on top of one of her legs; as they were positioned hanging off of the inside of the booth toward her infant. It was as if she was leaning away from her family. Her facial expression held a frown that was easy to
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Comm101_NonverbalCommFieldAssgn[1] - Sarah Erickson...

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