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Four Functions of Communications Week One

Four Functions of Communications Week One - Physical Needs...

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Physical Needs Communication is necessary because it fill a physical need that human must have for good health. Studies have shown that people who live in isolation from others are more prone to early death, terminal cancer, mental problems, complications during pregnancy and are more susceptible to the common cold. Obviously we need people to live happy, healthy lives. I find this very fascinating because I have always been interested to know why one partner of a long-term marriage dies why the other dies shortly thereafter. This gives a good reason to explain the phenomenon. I have always thought that it is because they die of a broken heart and obviously this isn't true but physically we need that support and relatedness that comes with communication and that is probably why so many elderly couples die after their partners. Identity Needs In America where autonomy is held with high regard it is imperative that we have people to fill our identity needs. We need to feel that we are different and individual.
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