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Self Actualization - Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Harjit...

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Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Harjit Dosanjh Communication 101 5:00PM July 13, 2010 Self- Actualization: Personal Growth and Fulfillment Perceiving yourself is a serious and complex matter. When we look inside sometimes we see things that we like about ourselves and other times we examine the things that are not so attractive. I have a relatively high self-concept because I have done a lot of self-perceptive spiritual work in this lifetime that I am very proud of. I was born into an abusive family and grew up as a very quiet child; I have been through a lot because of it and this is the reason that my self-esteem is so high, I have overcome many obstacles. I identify myself with personality traits such as strong, independent, intellectual, communicative, friendly, idealistic, and empathetic. With only siblings to communicate with there were not a lot of opportunities to get significant others feedback. Due to the lack of social interaction, I didn't think people liked me very much and said very few words in my entire childhood I also did not start talking until later in the game at three years old. Since there were no others to reflect my personality onto and learning how to shape my presenting self, I spent a lot of time analyzing my inner world and thoughts. I noticed every detail of others, I was kind of creepy as I would watch the other kids on the playground without interacting with them. I was afraid of rejection which allowed me to study human behaviors as a young child. Through the years I started becoming lonely and yearned for friends. I started getting involved with sports when I reached high school and began making good friends. I came out of my shell and the feedback I received was that I was liked and appreciated. I am kind, fun-loving, social and philosophical. Even after I had friends I continued analyzing the details of our
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Erickson 2 interactions and I memorized appropriate behaviors in order to keep them as my friends because I valued them because I knew what it was like to be alone. Because of my interests and fear of rejection I have done a lot of self-evaluating and have learned to perfect the things that I didn't like about myself. Not one person is perfect; we all have our flaws and I tend to watch my actions possibly too often. This identity management was described in Understanding Human Communications called “high self-monitors” which fits my personality and self-concept to a high degree of accuracy, both the advantages and disadvantages apply to me: These high self-monitors have the ability to pay attention to their own behavior
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Self Actualization - Erickson 1 Sarah Erickson Harjit...

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