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ch 13 outline - Jennifer Romero Soc2 11am 5/4/11 Extra...

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Jennifer Romero Soc2 11am 5/4/11 Extra credit Chapter 13 I. Limits of biological definitions of sex and gender a. Gender- involves the social and cultural significance that we attach to those presumed biological differences b. Sex- refers to biological differences between males and females c. Misperceptions of physical cues i. the importance of getting someone’s sex right begins at birth ii. if we lack knowledge of a person’s sex (ambiguous person) we do not know how to act iii. we rely on indicators of sex such has hair, clothes, shape d. Unclear boundaries between the sexes True hermaphrodites Male pseudo hermaphrodites Female pseudo hermaphrodites e. Cross cultural variation in gender concepts i. Some cultures have three or four gender categories ii. Cross-time variation in gender concepts 1. In an earlier era universities thought women were not capable of college work because of biological differences 2. Men were thought to be smarter and better II. Evolving notions of the natural and the artificial a. The Social Construction of gender
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i. There is a difference between natural for gender and artificial such as
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ch 13 outline - Jennifer Romero Soc2 11am 5/4/11 Extra...

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