chapter 12 outline

chapter 12 outline - d Cognitive culture education and...

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Jennifer Romero  Soc 2 Chapter 12 Outline I. Social Class a. Social stratification-hierarchical order of people in society i. Slave system-ownership of people ii. Estate system-nobility, church, peasants, you are not likely to change iii. Caste system- like estate except more social grouping, India iv. Class system- based on economic position II. Social Mobility- ability to move up a. Ascribed status- social position at birth b. Achieved status-social position we achieve c. Open systems-allow mobility d. Closed systems- no mobility III. Distribution of Resources-material, social and cultural IV. Cultural Capital- what we know and what we like V. Class and culture the impact of position on preference a. Appearance: what we wear b. Home: where we live c. Leisure: T.V., vacations, sports, and more
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Unformatted text preview: d. Cognitive culture: education and language VI. Economic distribution- a. Income wealth: is how much you have minus debt b. Income-social position matters as does region you live in i. Not distributed equally very few are rich c. Wealth-being rich helps keep you rich i. 1% of U.S. household are super rich in the millions ii. More wealth=more advantages d. Poverty- single moms are poorer, kids and elderly i. This is also shaped by social position ii. Poor are disadvantage not only in income but education and other resources VII. Class consciousness and power a. Class is about power b. Class is not just on the outside it is in our mind too it shapes wants and actions...
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chapter 12 outline - d Cognitive culture education and...

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