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Jennifer Romero Soc2 Quiz 2 Ritzer: Chapter 4 Calculability Q. Describe calculability in American society and analyze the effect it has. According to Ritzer calculability involves calculating, counting, and quantifying. What this translates to be that want the most for our money. We have been conditioned that more is better regardless of quality. Sometimes this is necessary for survival. In the American society, I think this mostly because we equate this with value, the most of anything, for the cheapest we think is the better value. This is the opposite of the truth though if you really look at the facts. Americans are unhealthier than ever. Obesity in children is higher than ever seen before. Americans have out of control cholesterol and high blood pressure, contributing to heart attacks and strokes.
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Unformatted text preview: The effect of calculability is clear on society. This is totally clear when it comes to food but what about other things. Businesses are good about putting calculability first. The example in the book is an extreme one but good a pointing out how businesses can put calculability first, the Ford Pinto was known to have a flaw that would kill people after working out “numbers”, they were sold with the flaw. Industry wants the most for their money like we do but this can have extreme consequences on people. Calculability is not all bad when it comes to feeding a family on a budget you “gotta do what you gotta do”, I just think we need to try and up the quality and maybe think of people first....
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