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Group Final study sheet

Group Final study sheet - Chapter 1 Communication...

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Chapter 1 Communication competence- is engaging in communication with others that is both effective and appropriate. Effectiveness- how well we have progressed toward the achievement of goals. Appropriateness- complying with the rules and their accompanying expectations. Achieving communication competence: Knowledge- learning the rules and understanding what is required to be appropriate and effective in your communication. Skills- to be effective you have to combine knowledge and skill, skill is “the successful performance of a communication behavior and the ability to repeat such a behavior.” “Showing, not just knowing.” Sensitivity- is receptive accuracy whereby you can detect, decode, and comprehend signals sent within a group. Commitment- is the conscious decision to invest time, energy, thought, and feeling to improve yourself or your relationships with others. Chapter 2 Ripple effect- chain reaction spreads across the entire system, much like a pebble tossed into a pond disturbs the water and forces adjustment. Synergy- occurs when group performance from joint action of members exceeds expectations based on perceived abilities and skills of individual members. Adaptability to change: a system sustains dynamic equilibrium when it regulates the degree, rate, and desirability of change, allowing change and stability to coexist. Boundary control- regulating input, methods of boundary control are: Physical barriers- protecting group space, such as locking door. Psychological barriers- groups can make an individual feel that they do not belong in the group. Linguistic barrier- having to speak the language, those who understand are presumed members.
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