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public art presentation - each other to endure hard times...

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Jennifer Romero Art 1 Due on 11-1-10 Public Artwork Paper “The Three Sisters Looking at the Rose Garden” The Three Sisters Looking at the Rose Garden is on the Chico State University campus and is between Trinity Hall and the rose garden. It is a sculpture of three massive women standing together, because of the scale of the sculpture and the fact that it is three women of different ages that look as if they could be from a different time; I feel that the strength of women at different stages of life throughout the ages is represented. This piece was sculpted by the New York artist Deborah Masters in 1990, with the assistance of Kim Couchot who was an advanced sculpting student at Chico State. Deborah Masters has said she was inspired by monumental statues she had seen when traveling in Mexico, Italy and Greece. The artist originally wanted to have this piece represent isolation from the outside world, with three strong women huddled together with their backs to viewers, gathering strength from
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Unformatted text preview: each other to endure hard times, an image that is especially resonant in the difficult economic circumstances that affect everyone today. Although still introspective the women are a little more open than the artist originally intended, because of the environment the women seem more content and seem to be gazing at the beautiful roses. Behind them is a beautiful plum tree. The sculptures look very distinct in the different seasons. When the hundreds of multi-colored roses are in bloom, the Three Sisters appear to be contemplating the beauty of nature. In the autumn, they take on a more melancholy, and eerie aspect. Throughout the year they retain their strength. As you can see this sculpture represents the strength of women in the three stages of womanhood: youth, mother and wise old woman. This is a piece that would mean something to people no matter what the era. I really enjoy this work of art and also like how it looks ancient yet somehow modern....
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public art presentation - each other to endure hard times...

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