Exam 1 (AIS) - CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY MBA 770 Accounting...

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CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY Kuldip Shergill MBA 770 – Accounting Information Systems February 16, 2011 Exam 1 Question 1 (5 points) – Define an accounting information system. An accounting information system (AIS) is a system that collects, records, stores, and processes data to produce information for decision makers. Question 2 (5 points) – Identify the components of an accounting information system. There are six components of an AIS: 1) the people who operate the system and perform various functions, 2) the procedures and instructions , both manual and automated, involved in collecting, processing, and storing data about the organization’s activities, 3) the data about the organization and its business processes, 4) the software used to process the organization’s data, 5) the information technology infrastructure , including computers, peripheral devices, and network communications devices used to collect, store, process, and transmit data and information, and 6) the internal controls and security measures that safeguard the data in the AIS. Question 3 (5 points) – What is the purpose of source documents? What controls are embedded in source documents? Give two examples of source documents. Most businesses used paper source documents to collect data about their business activities. In fact, they contain the initial record of a transaction that takes place. Controls that are embedded in source documents include purchasing pre-numbered source documents or having the system automatically assign a sequential number to each new transaction. Pre- numbering simplifies verifying that all transactions have been recorded and that none of the documents has been misplaced. The two examples of source documents are a sales order and delivery ticket or bill of lading. Question 4 (5 points) – What is a system flowchart? What is a program flowchart? How are these two interrelated? A system flowchart depicts the relationships among the input, processing, and output of an accounting information system. A system flowchart begins by identifying the inputs that enter the system and their origins. A program flowchart illustrates the sequence of logical operations performed by a computer in executing a program. These two are interrelated because a program flowchart describes the specific logic to perform a process shown on a system flowchart. Question 5 (5 points) – A) Identify four source data controls Source data controls include ATMS used by banks, point-of-sale (POS) scanners used in retail stores, bar code scanners used in warehouses, forms design, cancellation and storage of
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documents, and authorization and segregation of duties. B) Identify four data entry controls
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Exam 1 (AIS) - CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY MBA 770 Accounting...

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