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 Peach Blossom Cologne Company A-1 Bank Reconciliation - Big City National Bank  1-31-10  12-31-09  CK Prepared by Client =========================================================================== =========================================================================== Balance Per Bank Statement 400927 C# Add:    Deposit in transit Dec 31 25311 u Deduct: Checks outstanding No. Payee 1444 Lawns by George Dec. 28 125 N Dec. 28 4150 N 1446 Longhorn Garbage Disposal Dec. 28 140 N 1449 DeBella Hardware
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Unformatted text preview: Dec. 29 185 N 1450 Quick Print Printers Dec. 29 960 N 5560 Balance 12-31-09 420678 ^ Audit Adjustment: (TB-BS) None required Balance per audit 420,678 ^ Footed # Agreed to beginning balance of cutoff bank statement C Confirmed with bank per (A-2). u Traced to cash receipts journal entry before year-end and to cutoff bank statement N Examined paid checks clearing with cutoff bank statement and traced to cash disbursements journal for Dec. 2009....
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