LEAVE - Employee Leave Audit Background The city employs...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Employee Leave Audit Background: The city employs approximately 4400 people. Employee leave is part of the individuals' benefits. The various categories of leave are as follows: Sick and Annual Professional Jury Duty Funeral Military Reserve Exempt These forms of leave are with pay when approved by a supervisor in advance. However, leave is also given because of extenuating circumstances and sometimes it cannot be given in advance. Sudden illness, death in the family, and injuries due to accidents. The granting of leave is usually at the discretion of the individual's supervisor. Exempt leave is mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act and is available only to certain classes of employees (salaried professionals). It is not available to hourly workers. There are certain rules that pertain to its use. It cannot be used in conjunction with sick or annual leave, nor can it be granted for more than 8 hours at a time. Purpose And Scope: The audit period is for the last calendar year. The purpose of the audit is to determine if employee leave is granted in accordance with the personnel rules and polices as adopted by the administration. Planning:
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LEAVE - Employee Leave Audit Background The city employs...

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