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Sheet1 Page 1 CDBG CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION BACKGROUND: The city receives approximately $ _____ million in Community Development Block Grant funds each year. Compliance with federal regulations is the responsibility of the operating departments who administer the funds. It is the function of the Internal Audit Department to insure that the operating departments, and thus the city, are in compliance. The main areas of risk to the city is compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act, Title II of the Civil Rights act of 1964, and the cash draw-down procedures specified by federal regulations. The scope of this audit did not focus on civil rights compliance because the city has an EEO group that routinely monitors such matters. PLANNING: 1. Prepare an entrance letter and forward it to the auditee. 2. Prepare a planning program, and discuss the audit and program with your team leader. 3. Schedule and hold the entrance conference with the appropriate auditee personnel. 4. If applicable, review the findings of previous internal and external auditors. 5. Review financial and budgetary reports, organizational plans, management goals, etc., of the audit area. 6. Review the state, city and federal regulations that are applicable to CDBG construction contracts. 7. Review other sources of information that relate to CDBG as required. PRELIMINARY SURVEY: 8. Prepare an internal control questionnaire to be used in interviews with appropriate auditee personnel. 9. Document your understanding of the accounting system, operational procedures, etc., that relate to the audit subject. 10. Confirm your understanding of the system review by a walk through. Prepare a flowchart noting main paper flow and current
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Sheet1 Page 2 procedures. 11. Prepare a survey memo that concludes on the potential of risk
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