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Sheet1 Page 1 SANITATION DRIVER PROGRAM BACKGROUND: Several years ago the Sanitation Department established a driver safety program in order to reduce the number of "at fault" accidents occurring because of driver negligence. The city is self-insured and each year it's pays claims to citizens who have been injured or suffered property damage as a result of city employees being negligent. In particular, the Sanitation Department leads in the amount of claims paid each year. However, their safety program is supposed to reduce the amount of claims paid. This audit will determine if the program has been effective in reducing Sanitation Department drivers' "at fault" accidents. The Sanitation Safety Program consists of defensive driving courses, and safety checks performed by drivers on their trucks and vehicles each morning. In addition, before a new employee is hired as a driver a thorough background check is performed in order to determine the status of the individual's driving record. When a Sanitation Department vehicle is involved in an accident, it is investigated by the city's Safety Department and a Sanitation Department driver supervisor. The results of the accident are given to the Sanitation Department's Driver Safety Hearing Board. The board meets each week and determines if the accident could have been prevented. If so, recommendations are made. The board has the authority to discipline employees, including dismissal. SCOPE: The audit period will be for two years: the year before the safety program when into effect and last year, the first full year of operations for the program. PLANNING:
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