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POLVEH - Police Vehicle Utilization Background The Police...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Police Vehicle Utilization Background: The Police Department is currently using 680 vehicles of various descriptions. It's authorized manpower is 710 officers. Currently most officers are assigned a take-home vehicle. Off duty mileage is limited to and from work and authorized off duty employment. In addition, a large portion of the sworn officers live outside of the city limits and reside in the county. Current annual operating cost of the fleet is about $2 million and represents a capital investment of $6.5 million. Scope And Purpose: This study is a special request of the Mayor. Operating funds in the coming fiscal period are limited and reductions are necessary. Accompanying this study is a review of the rest of the city vehicle fleet. The review period for mileage and driver assignments is the end of the fiscal year. Recommendations will be presented only to the Mayor. Auditee responses will not be requested from the Police Department. The purpose of the audit is to identify underutilized vehicles, determine the cost of the take home program, calculate the vehicles necessary to carry out the Police Department's current level of service and finally, offer cost saving recommendations to the Mayor. Planning: 1. Prepare an entrance letter and forward it to the Police Chief and the Director of Fleet Maintenance. 2. Prepare a planning program and budget for the preliminary work and obtain the approval of the audit supervisor. 3. Review past internal audit reports, external auditor's comments and various computer generated reports dealing with the police vehicle fleet. 4. Schedule an entrance conference with the Police Chief and the Director of Fleet Maintenance. Discuss the objectives of the review with the two department directors. Ask for a contact person from each to assist in the collection of vehicle data. 5. Obtain from the Fleet Director, computer reports and other supportive information concerning the following: Vehicle number and description Acquisition date and cost Vehicle mileage
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Sheet1 Page 2 Maintenance, repair and fuel costs (Optional: cost per mile calculated by Fleet Maintenance) 6.
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