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Sheet1 Page 1 POLICE RECORDS AND COMMUNICATIONS BACKGROUND: The Police Department has approximately 800 employees of which about 600 are sworn officers. The rest are non-sworn clerical and administrative support personnel. The department is organized according to standard operating police functions and responsibilities. This audit is concerned with the internal control over police records and communications. The Records and Communications divisions are placed administratively under the Colonel of Operations. Each division is headed by a police officer with the rank of captain. A non- sworn administrative supervisor is in direct charge of daily operations. Both divisions operate 24 hours per day with three work shifts. The records system used by the department is manual and therefore labor intensive. The heart of the system is the rotary file. It is used as a cross reference to the police files and also for a quick check on individuals' past histories. Maintenance on the system is continuous. The major risk in this system rests with the rotary file: if a record is misclassified in the file, the associated file cannot be located. Police communications is automated and incoming and outgoing calls are logged or tracked by the computer. Incoming calls are classified according to a predetermined priority or classification hierarchy. The codes used are as follows: Code 1 = Life threatening situation Code 2 = Emergency non-life threatening Code 3 = Other Ideal response times are also predetermined
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