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Page 1 POLICE FISCAL BUREAU BACKGROUND: The Police Department had an approved operating budget for FY XX of $_____ million through the department's Fiscal Bureau. Generally, income is received in two ways: as mail receipts, and as monies turned in from police operating divisions independent of the Fiscal Bureau. These revenues are closely monitored by the City. The Fiscal Bureau has a staff of ten employees and provides administrative support activities (payroll, accounts receivable, etc.) for the Police Department and acts as a liaison between its divisions and other agencies. The audit scope will include a general review of: A. The revenue receipt and accounting procedures and records of the Fiscal Bureau, as well as selected operating divisions within the Police Department. B. The Regional Training Council's bank account for Region ____ Trust Funds. The period of our review encompassed the financial revenue receipt activity of the department from _____ 19XX to _____ 19XX. Internal control was evaluated as of the date of the last day of field work. Note: The Police Property Room was covered in a separate audit. PLANNING: 1. Prepare and send an entrance letter to the Chief of Police and the Director of Public Safety. 2. Prepare a planning program, discuss the audit assignment and program with your audit team leader. 3. Schedule and hold an entrance conference with the Chief of Police and the Fiscal Officer. Obtain the name of the department contact person. Also obtain a work place from which to conduct the field portion of the audit. 4. Conduct an in-house review of previous audit reports, budget documents and Service Level Summaries. 5. Review any city, state or federal regulations that relate to the audit assignment. 6.
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