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Page 1 PARKING TICKET PROGRAM BACKGROUND: The Parking Department is responsible for providing on-street and off-street vehicle parking facilities. Its primary goal is to provide adequate parking spaces for hourly and monthly customers. Revenues budgeted for the Parking Department for FY XX are $ _____ million. Approximately _____ % of this is attributable to parking tickets issued. For FY 8x, _____ parking tickets were issued. Violators paid $ _____ on _____ tickets, while _____ tickets were dismissed in court. Approximately _____ on-street parking spaces are available in the downtown area. Currently there are ____ city owned parking garages that provide _____ % of all the off-street parking for the downtown area. The audit scope will focus on cash collection from tickets issued and the number of tickets that are voided, canceled, dismissed at court and those that remain unpaid. PLANNING: 1. Prepare an entrance letter to the Parking Director. 2. Review the most recent Internal Audit files and extract significant information, if any. 3. Coordinate the preliminary audit plan with your audit team leader. 4. Review FY 8x Annual Budget for the audit area and extract any pertinent information. 5. Review the City Code for information regarding the Parking Department. 6. Review GAAFR for accounting principles for enterprise funds. 7. Hold an entrance conference with the Parking Director in order to discuss the upcoming audit. Obtain the name of the department contact person. PRELIMINARY SURVEY: 8. Conduct a preliminary survey and obtain an understanding of the parking operations. 9.
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