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ME 311 Reading Guide #17 1/1 ME/NE 311 Introduction to Thermal and Fluid Sciences Reading Guide #17 Chapter 7 Sections 7.10 Section 7.10: Entropy Change of Ideal Gases 1. In developing special relations for a change in entropy of an ideal gas, the first step is conducting a first law analysis of quasi‐equilibrium, ______________________________, closed system. 2. For a reversible process, the heat can be assessed from the temperature variation as a function of ____________________________. 3. Property values depend only on the end states, not the _____________________________. 4. The Tds relation in equation 7‐15 is or is not restricted to the process under which it was
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Unformatted text preview: determined. _______________________ 5. Equations 7‐15 and 7‐16 are applicable to all substances. True or false 6. Equations 7‐18 and 7‐20 are applicable to all substances. True or false 7. Equation 7‐22 is the relation to be used when assessing a change in entropy using the tables for an ideal gas. True or false 8. Mathematically define relative pressure, Pr. ____________________________________________________ 9. Relative pressures are found in ideal gas tables. True or false 10. Relative pressures are limited to isentropic processes of an ideal gas. True or false...
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