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ME 311 Reading Guide #18 1/1 ME/NE 311 Introduction to Thermal and Fluid Sciences Reading Guide #18 Chapter 7 Sections 7.11 Section 7.11: Entropy Balances for Open and Closed Systems (restrict your reading only to closed systems for ME 311) 1. The second law of thermodynamics is also known as an _________________________ balance. 2. What is the first step in the development of the entropy balance equation? ____________ _______________________________________________________________ 3. Of the two paths to be considered in the derivation of the entropy balance equation, one is reversible and the other is ______________________________. 4. In the process of eliminating the inequality, a term known as ____________________________________ is introduced. 5. For a real process experiencing irreversibilities, the entropy production is _____________________.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. For an impossible process, the entropy production is ____________________________________. 7. For a real process experiencing no irreversibilities, the entropy production is __________________. 8. Looking at Example 7‐9, what do you imagine would happen to your final assessment of the entropy generation, hence the irreversibilities of the process, if you rounded the values of entropy found from the tables? _____________________________________________________________________ 9. Does an indication from the second law of thermodynamics that a process is possible guarantee that it can take place in reality? Yes or no...
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